My Intro

Okay, so I guess every important person needs a fly intro, and I’ve noticed that I have gotten a bit ahead of myself without actually posting anything about me, as well as shouting a few people out. First we will begin with my intro song…hmm what shall I choose….?

Yes this is my favorite, and I have to admit, that I am a badguy (girl) so this fits, so listen to this as you read my intro.

Basically, I am 25 years old, a mother, a fucker, so I guess that would make me a motherfucker? I’m a witty little lady, and I think thats one of my greatest weapons. I am currently the lifestyles columnist for, as well as the Editor in Chief, I have to shout out the team… Anthony Dixon, Camiel Irving, Jayar Moten, Kyle Oliver, Brandon Jackson,  Nora Watts, and our photographer Harvey! We are a budding KC site, visit us and register I promise you will enjoy!

I have been writing since I can remember, and technically I’m just a menace with a pencil…simple as that so they call me Kane! This is a personal blog, so I am able to let loose more here, but feel free to visit if you would like to see my classy side…anywho, thats my time…and until next time…TTYL!!!!


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